10 Unusual Celebrity Hobbies That Might Surprise You

Elif Ozden

Celebrities – they’re just like us! Well, sort of. When they’re not in front of the camera or performing on stage, our favorite stars indulge in personal pastimes. You might be surprised to discover what some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces do in their downtime. Here are 10 unexpected celebrity hobbies.

1. Katy Perry Collects Hair


It’s not just about her own vibrant hair changes; Perry has a collection of other celebrities’ hair. During a fan Q&A, the singer openly shared about this hobby, revealing that she has locks from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Still, Perry herself also labeled the hobby ‘creepy but awesome.’

2. Angelina Jolie Has A Dagger Collection


Long before Jolie became one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses, she started collecting knives and daggers at the age of 11. Jolie even passed on this passion to her son Maddox. In an interview with W Magazine, the actress discussed the origins of her hobby, crediting her mother with introducing her to it.

3. Mike Tyson Raises Pigeons


From boxing rings to pigeon coops, Tyson has a love for raising pigeons. This passion dates back to his childhood when he saw these birds as a source of escape. Not only does he care for them, but he also participates in pigeon racing competitions.

4. Tom Hanks Collects Vintage Typewriters

Hanks has a deep appreciation for vintage typewriters. He owns over 250 of them, with the first one acquired when he was just 19. While he cherishes his collection, he also expressed intentions to gradually give them away.

5. Gordon Ramsay Runs Marathons


Beyond the fiery kitchens and intense cooking competitions, celebrity chef Ramsay is a marathon runner. His resume boasts 15 marathons, five ultramarathons, and participation in four challenging Ironman triathlons.

6. Ryan Gosling Likes Knitting


Gosling discovered his love for knitting on the set of ‘Lars and the Real Girl.’ He revealed in an interview with GQ Australia that he finds the activity soothing, even jokingly imagining a perfect day filled with knitting.

7. Penelope Cruz Has a Collection of Coat Hangers


Cruz’s choice of collection might be a little off the beaten path. With over 500 coat hangers in various shapes and sizes (but notably, none in metal), it’s safe to say that Cruz has an eccentric hobby.

8. Rod Stewart Builds Model Railways


Stewart isn’t just about music; he’s spent over two decades building a model railway. His detailed model features a US city replica complete with skyscrapers, a river, and a working replica power plant. He’s even graced the cover of Railway Modeller magazine!

9. Johnny Depp Plays With Barbies


Who’d have thought that Johnny Depp enjoys the world of Barbie dolls? Originally beginning this hobby by playing with his daughter, Depp expanded his collection to include limited edition Barbies, even featuring icons like Beyoncé and Marilyn Monroe.

10. Paris Hilton Goes Frog Hunting


Paris Hilton partakes in frog hunting across her various properties, from ranches near Oakland, California, to her very own island. But don’t worry, frog enthusiasts — she always ensures their safe release afterward.

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