30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto Admits Questioning His Abilities

Zehra Kabak

30 Seconds To Mars recently released a new track from their upcoming album, ‘It’s the End of the World, but It’s a Beautiful Day.’ Following the song’s release, frontman Jared Leto shared a video on the band’s official Instagram account. In the video, he talked about the song, ‘Get Up Kid,’ and its connection to his personal doubts.

Explaining what he would say to his younger self, the singer said:

“I get asked that question a lot, and ‘Get Up Kid’ is what I would say. I think the lyrics in that song really speak to those times of my life where maybe I felt like I didn’t have enough, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t strong enough, and yeah, maybe this is the song that kind of reaches back to the past, those moments. Just a reminder that everything’s gonna be okay.”

‘Get Up Kid’ is the third single from 30 Seconds To Mars’ new album. Before this, the band released two other songs, ‘Life Is Beautiful’ and ‘Stuck.’ A music video accompanied the latter, which Leto called a ‘love letter’ on Instagram. The vocalist further commented on the clip by writing:

“The video for ‘Stuck’ is very much a companion piece and a continuation of a journey started with ‘Up In The Air,’ a celebration of art, design, fashion, and the remarkable people who bring them to life. It is a love letter to the power of movement and connection. It is a testament to the awe-inspiring potential of people who don’t necessarily fit so neatly in – but make the world so much more fascinating.”

30 Seconds To Mars’ full album will be available on September 15. Before the album’s release, they have a North American tour, which will start a month before the album’s launch.

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