5 Exciting Facts About Leo Woodall From The White Lotus

Elif Ozden

As the breakout star of ‘The White Lotus’ season 2, Leo Woodall has quickly become a favorite among fans and critics alike. His portrayal of Jack, the charming yet mysterious character, has left audiences around the world wanting more. As the show continues to grip viewers, here are five exciting facts about Woodall that you may not know.

1. At First, Leo Didn’t Want to Be an Actor


Yes, you read that correctly. Acting was not always a dream for Woodall. He once aspired to be a PE teacher or a stuntman. It was only after watching an episode of ‘Peaky Blinders’ at the age of 19 that he decided to pursue acting, despite coming from a family of actors and performers.

2. He is Actually From Essex


While his convincing portrayal of an Essex character is impressive, Woodall’s roots are in West London. He’s British in real life, and this connection to his homeland played a role in shaping his character Jack in ‘The White Lotus.’

3. Leo Watched Videos of Joey Essex to Prepare For His Role


Portraying an Essex lad required some preparation for Woodall, who hails from West London. To master the distinctive Essex accent, he watched videos of Joey Essex and even leaned into his real-life connection with Essex through his stepsister, making his performance all the more convincing.

4. He Graduated With an Acting Degree


Woodall’s transition from a stuntman or PE teacher to an actor was facilitated by his education. He graduated with an acting degree from Arts Educational School in London, laying the foundation for his acting career and paving the way for his roles in productions like ‘The White Lotus.’

5. He Worked With Tom Holland on the Same Movie


While ‘The White Lotus’ has put Woodall in the spotlight, his career started earlier with roles in various films and TV shows. He even played a small role in the 2021 movie ‘Cherry,’ starring Tom Holland. Sadly, most of his scenes were cut.

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