5 Facts About Alex R. Hibbert Every The Chi And Moonlight Fan Should Know

Elif Ozden

Alex R. Hibbert, known to many as Kevin from ‘The Chi’ and the young Chiron from ‘Moonlight,’ has been making waves in Hollywood despite his young age. His talents stretch beyond acting, making him an exciting name to follow.

Hibbert’s journey has just begun. As he evolves as an actor and continues to chase his dreams, his fans have much to look forward to. Here are five fascinating facts about Alex R. Hibbert that every fan of ‘The Chi’ and ‘Moonlight’ should know:

5. Hibbert Debuted in ‘Moonlight’


For Alex, the ‘Moonlight’s glow is where it all began. His drama teacher, Tanisha Cidel, suggested he audition for the role of young Chiron. Would you believe that it wasn’t just his debut, but it was the first audition he ever went for? This early leap into the spotlight was an indicator of the talent that Alex possessed.

4. He is A Magnet for Awards and Nominations


Hibbert’s performance in ‘Moonlight’ and ‘The Chi’ has not gone unnoticed by the industry. The young star has been nominated for a total of 14 awards and has secured ten wins. Among these accolades are the Best Ensemble Performance at the 2016 Gotham Awards and the Robert Altman Award at the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Just a few acting credits, yet he’s already made such an indelible mark.

3. His Dream Role Was A Spot in The Walking Dead


Every actor has a dream role or project, and for Hibbert, it was appearing on The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, this dream didn’t come true as the show ended its run after the 11th season. While he may not have gotten the chance to make an appearance due to the show’s end, it’s clear that Hibbert has the drive to take on diverse roles in the future, potentially even in action films.

2. Hibbert Admires Andrew Garfield


Did you know Hibbert is a massive fan of Andrew Garfield? He’s been open about his admiration for the Spiderman star. The Oscars 2017 was a memorable event for the young actor, where he met Garfield and couldn’t resist giving him a hug.

1. His Dream is to Find A Cure for Cancer


As he continues to rise in the acting world, Hibbert holds a very different aspiration close to his heart: to cure cancer. In an interview with Hey U Guys, Hibbert stated his dream of becoming a scientist and using his earnings to build a lab for cancer research. Already setting aside a significant portion of his Moonlight earnings, he is serious about making a real impact in the world of science. While he had previously aspired to become a football player, he’s given up that dream in favor of pursuing his goal of becoming a scientist.

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