5 Home Design Tips That You Can Borrow From Celebrities

Elif Ozden

In most celebrity homes, it’s not all about glitz and glam; comfort and personality are also priorities. Here are five design tips from celebs that you can incorporate into your own home.

1. Highlight Pieces With a Meaning For You


‘West Side Story’s Ariana Debose claims it’s important to be intentional with the items you bring into your home. According to the actress, the decor and furnishings should not just be aesthetically pleasing but should also have ‘soul’ and contribute to maintaining the history of the house.

2. Use Natural and Eco-Friendly Materials


Actor John Abraham has a dining area featuring a picnic table-inspired nook right next to the kitchen. Abraham also promotes sustainability by using salvaged wood for furniture. For those who are environmentally conscious, consider timber options like bamboo, pine, and oak that don’t contribute to the loss of biodiversity.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Keep Things Simple


Scarlett Johansson offers the perspective that simplicity in design doesn’t equate to boredom. She suggests that even with a simple color palette, the introduction of different textures can add depth and interest to a room.

4. Create Boundaries For Rooms


Lilly Singh points out the need for setting boundaries within your home. She assigns specific functions to each room — office for work, dining table for eating, living room for family and friend time, and bedroom for sleeping. This separation ensures that each space serves its designated purpose, optimizing the home environment for both work and relaxation.

5. Let Your Experiences Inspire You


Miranda Kerr explains that her home design was influenced by her global travels and experiences in the fashion industry. She’s integrated diverse textures, fabrics, and materials into her living spaces, drawing inspiration from various cultures and creative people she has encountered.

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