5 Lesser-Known Facts About Sofia Hublitz And Her Journey From Masterchef To Ozark

Elif Ozden

Sofia Hublitz first graced television screens in the kitchens of ‘MasterChef Junior’ before transitioning to ‘Ozark’ as Charlotte Byrde. Beyond her role in ‘Ozark,’ there’s a wealth of information about Hublitz that remains lesser known to the public. Here are some lesser-known facts about the actress:

5. Her Mother Has a Culinary Career


While many recognize Sofia from her acting endeavors, she has a connection to the culinary world rooted in family. Her mother, Sosie Hublitz, is not just a chef but a professional one. Apart from her skills in the kitchen, Sosie is a nutritionist and a restaurateur, owning namely the North Carolina OBX and Millie’s Diner, located in Richmond, Virginia. However, Sofia never aspired to don a chef’s hat herself.

4. Sofia Once Competed in MasterChef Junior

Before she stepped onto the sets of TV series, Sofia introduced herself to the world on a completely different stage – that of ‘MasterChef Junior.’ Participating in the 2013 season, young Sofia showed her culinary skills among other chefs. In an episode you can watch above, she received assistance from Chef Gordon Ramsay after one of the challenges did not go according to her plans.

3. She Remains Quiet About Her MasterChef Journey


Despite the subsequent attention she received after MasterChef Junior, Sofia has remained hesitant to talk about her experience on the show. Whether it was the challenges that didn’t go as planned or the intense emotions stirred on set, she has chosen to keep her memories of the competition close to her chest.

2. Sofia Portrays Charlotte Byrde in ‘Ozark’


While her time on MasterChef Junior might have introduced her to the world, it was her role as Charlotte Byrde in ‘Ozark’ that put her on the map. Joining the cast in 2017, Sofia’s portrayal of Charlotte — a daughter navigating the murky waters of her family’s entanglements with a Mexican drug cartel — has been one of her major roles to date.

1. Hublitz’s Net Worth Is $1 Million


For a young actress with a relatively fresh career in the entertainment industry, Sofia reportedly has a net worth of $1 million.

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