5 Life Lessons From Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Elsa Pataky

Elif Ozden

Actress, mother, and Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky revealed her secrets to a healthier, happier life to Harper’s Bazaar in 2020. Here are five vital lessons that we can glean from her daily routines, philosophies, and practices.

1. Build a Disciplined Lifestyle Through Routine


Elsa knows the importance of structure in daily life — she organizes her time by following a consistent routine, whether it’s exercising in the mornings or taking the time to read and unwind before bed:

“I try to make sure I do at least three to four workouts a week, mostly HIITs (20-40 min of intermediate training). The days I don’t, I would either surf or go horse riding.”

2. Find Balance with Mindfulness Practices


Mental fitness is as vital as physical well-being for Pataky. She meditates every evening once her kids are asleep:

“Once the kids are asleep, I try to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes and make sure I read and unwind before bed. At home, we always try to put our phones aside just after dinner, and we don’t check them before bedtime, so we properly disconnect from the world for a few hours.”

Meditation, along with a reading habit, has become part of her nightly ritual to disconnect and prepare for restful sleep. By taking time to nurture her mind and disconnect, she leads a more balanced and fulfilled life.

3. Connect with Your Body Through Healthy Eating


Nutrition is a core pillar of Pataky’s approach to wellness. She strives to eat healthily and maintain a balanced diet. In the interview, she also revealed her favorite moments in the kitchen:

“I love cooking fresh fish in the oven or the grill, although my favorite moments are cooking and baking with my children. We always try to do it once every few weeks – from pizzas in the oven to yummy cookies.”

So, by allowing herself occasional indulgences, she maintains a realistic and joyful approach to eating that doesn’t have to be restrictive and can be shared with loved ones.

4. Embrace a Natural Simplicity in Beauty Care


Pataky’s beauty routine is refreshingly low-key and focuses on natural ingredients. Revealing her morning routine, she said:

“Every morning after my shower, I moisturize my body with the Hemp Seed Hydrating Body Moisturiser from Swisse, and I make sure I apply a cream containing at least SPF50 to my face.”

Beauty doesn’t have to be complicated for her; a few well-chosen products and a focus on natural ingredients are just as effective. Her nightly routine is as simple as her morning care:

“At night, before going to bed, I make sure I clean my face, removing my make-up thoroughly, and I usually apply my Dior serum and a moisturizing cream from La Mer.”

5. Enhance Your Wellness with Thoughtful Supplementation


Pataky’s personal supplement routine includes vitamins that nourish her body and support her energy production. A Global Ambassador for Swisse, she explained her connection with the supplement brand:

“Swisse is a brand that sources all its ingredients from nature – it’s what inspires them to explore and find world-class ingredients to create their products. I have a strong connection with nature, and I believe this makes me really connected with Swisse itself.”

Elsa revealed that she takes Swisse Women’s Ultivite Vitamins daily, along with Ultiboost Energy B+ tablets and Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins.

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