5 Most Pointless Things Celebrities Spend Millions Of Dollars On

Elif Ozden

Celebrities often enjoy the financial freedom that few can imagine. With that freedom, however, comes a few questionable decisions. Here’s a look at five of the most unusual things celebrities have spent money on:

5. Kim Basinger – $20 Million For A Town


Kim Basinger made headlines in 1989 when she purchased the rights to Braselton, a small town in Georgia. Intending to bring life into the once vibrant town, Basinger envisioned hosting film festivals and other Hollywood events. However, things didn’t go as planned. After encountering various logistical challenges and facing a separate legal debacle with Main Line Pictures that led to bankruptcy, Basinger had to sell her share in the town.

4. Mike Tyson’s Bathtub


At the height of his career, when he could earn up to $30 million for a single fight, Tyson decided to purchase in a bathtub. And not just any bathtub — a solid gold one, costing $2.2 million.

3. Brad Pitt’s Treasure Hunt


In 2008, Brad Pitt got wind of a rumor that his $60 million French estate housed hidden Crusader gold. Investing time and resources, Pitt even equipped himself with radar gear in hopes of unearthing this mythical treasure. However, it was later revealed that the tip-off was a ploy by an individual trying to promote a radar equipment company. Despite the extensive search, Pitt came up empty-handed and described the experience as making him feel ‘pretty foolish.’

2. Celine Dion’s Seven Figure Humidifier


With her extended residency at Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Dion took measures to ensure her voice stayed in top condition amidst the dry desert air. She invested in a humidifier that cost $2 million. This wasn’t your average room humidifier; it enveloped Dion in a protective 55% humidity bubble during her performances.

1. Jay Z’s Racehorse


Lastly, in 2014, Jay-Z bought California Chrome, a racehorse that had previously won races like the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, for $55 million. As reported by Essentially Sports, the previous owner of California Chrome felt sad after selling the horse, but noted that ‘it is hard to say no to a double nickel in millions.’

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