5 Must-Known Facts About The FROM Actress Avery Konrad

Zehra Kabak

A few months ago, MGM+ renewed ‘FROM’ for a third season set to premiere in 2024. Although the network didn’t announce a definite release date, it revealed that Avery Konrad would reprise her role as Sara Myers in the upcoming episodes. So, before the new season hits the screen, here are five facts you should know about the actress.

1. Net Worth Post-Debut


After completing her education at the Vancouver Film School, Avery Konrad began her acting career with a minor part in ‘Skies Falling’ in 2008. Following this, she appeared in series like ‘The Haunting Hour’ in 2012 and ‘The Killing’ in 2014. Her later roles in ‘Van Helsing’ and ‘Sacred Lies’ season 2 helped her rise in the industry, and by 2022, data from magazines and online platforms reported her net worth to be between $500 thousand and $1.5 million.

2. The Lead In ‘Broil’


After her appearance as Roan Harper in ‘Sacred Lies,’ Konrad secured a lead role in the 2020 Amazon horror thriller, ‘Broil.’ The film centered around her character, Chance Sinclair, exploring her family’s past to find some secrets about her wealthy grandfather. ‘Broil’ won the Best Film award at the 2021 Kanab Film Festival.

3. Background In Dance


Konrad’s interest in the entertainment industry began with dancing at the age of three. She joined many competitions during childhood and carried her ties with dance into adulthood. At one point, the actress took on the role of a dance teacher for children at a Canadian dance school opened by her friend. She has also been featured as a dancer in several music videos and performances.

4. Getting Ready For Her Role In ‘FROM’


For her role as Sara Myers in ‘FROM,’ Konrad reportedly adopted a preparation method to use on set. To better understand and portray her character, she spent time in isolation before filming started and repeatedly listened to the same playlist to get in the mood.

5. Early Interest In Acting


Seeing her interest in performing arts at a young age, Konrad’s family pushed her to take acting and dancing classes at age 12. Her first monologue at the Vancouver Film School, which she attended to improve her skills, played a part in her decision to continue in the field as she described it as ‘magical.’

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