5 Pieces Of Advice From Donna Mills To Look Young Even At 82

Elif Ozden

When the name Donna Mills pops up, most of us instantly recall Abby Cunningham from the series, ‘Knots Landing.’ Fast forward to today, and this powerhouse actress is still turning heads, but for more than just her acting prowess.

At the impressive age of 82, Donna continues to be a beacon of health and vigor. So, what’s her secret? In an interview with AARP, the actress shared a blend of lifestyle choices and mindset shifts that keep her feeling youthful. Here are the five central pillars of her philosophy.

Embrace Life’s Unexpected Turns


Donna’s life took a turn when she made the decision to adopt. At 54, she adopted Chloe. Looking back on the time she made this decision, Donna said:

“I was single, I was 54, and I wanted to be a mother very badly. It was not a tough decision at all to adopt. For the first couple of years, I could take Chloe with me. I truly believe she was meant to come to me; she was meant to be my child.”

Prioritizing Chloe’s normal life, Donna took a break from her Hollywood career to be a full-time mother. Today, Chloe is a flourishing 28-year-old model and an executive at the elite club Soho House.

Keep in Touch with People from Your Past


Strong relationships often form the backbone of our emotional well-being. For Donna, her ties with her ‘Knots Landing’ co-stars, especially Joan Van Ark and Michele Lee, remain unbroken 40 years later. They not only reminisce about old times but even host events together for fans:

“Sometimes we even do ‘An Evening With the Ladies of Knots Landing’ together for the fans. Some show up wearing that dramatic eye makeup like my character, Abby!”

Discover Romance in Every Life Chapter


Donna is living proof that love knows no age. When she was 60, she began a relationship with actor and producer Larry Gilman:

“I lucked out. Before him, I kind of went for the bad boys. But when I met him, I just knew I was going for the not-bad boy.”

So, she argues that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart.

Prioritize a Healthy Diet, Focusing on Green and Clean Foods


One of the cornerstones of Donna’s health has been her commitment to a wholesome diet. During her prime soap opera years, she consciously stayed away from sugar-laden foods like pasta, ice cream, and cookies. Even today, she maintains a diet rich in vegetables, revealing that she grows and consumes a plethora of greens from her own garden. Although she isn’t strictly vegetarian, her emphasis is clear: prioritize clean eating.

Always Think About the Future and What Can Be Achieved Next


With a career that spans decades, from starring alongside Clint Eastwood in ‘Play Misty For Me’ in 1971 to a recent cast in V.C. Andrew Dawn’s ‘Dawn’ series, Donna is an example of continual growth. As she puts it:

“I’m in my third act and was recently cast in a new movie as a vicious, sadistic grandmother. And that’s what I really want next, a whole series — like ‘Succession,’ which I love ­— where I can be evil to my heart’s content!”

Her philosophy is evident: instead of dwelling on past achievements, focus on the endless possibilities the future holds.

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