5 Secret Facts From A Celebrity Bodyguard Which Might Surprise You

Elif Ozden

From glamorous red carpets to luxury private jets, the world of celebrities often seems nothing short of a fairy tale. Yet, behind the flashing cameras lies a realm of risk. Ever wondered what it’s like to shadow these stars and ensure their safety? In a 2016 interview with Cosmopolitan, an experienced celebrity bodyguard revealed his behind-the-scenes revelations. Here are five surprising facts we learned:

Clocking Celebrity Time


Celebrities operate on their own timelines, and as it turns out, their bodyguards do too:

“Our schedules aren’t our own. Depending on the type of client you have, there might be situations where you eat when they eat. You might not eat at the same table with them. If you go to a fancy restaurant and there’s a low degree of risk, you bring more attention to them if you stand over their shoulder with an earpiece. Instead, you sit at your own table and keep a low profile. And the best way to keep a low profile is to have a plate in front of you.”

As it appears, instead of shadowing their every move, the bodyguard must blend in at a lavish restaurant to keep a vigilant yet discreet eye.

Beware the ‘Buddyguard’ Trap


Getting too chummy with the stars? That’s a potential pitfall. The anonymous bodyguard stressed the importance of drawing a line between professionalism and personal rapport:

“We’re not their friend, and it’s easy to become what I call ‘buddyguards.’ When you cross the line, it’s hard to get back. All of a sudden, this person starts thinking of you as part of the entourage. That’s when they start asking you to do things that are outside your area of responsibility.”

He argued that if blurred, this boundary could lead a bodyguard into doing tasks beyond their purview:

“As opposed to grabbing a suitcase so the celebrity can make the flight, they expect you to walk the dog or pick up their girlfriend’s kids. That has nothing to do with security. One thing a celebrity hates to hear is ‘No,’ so you have to establish where your line is and make sure it doesn’t get blurred.”

Understanding Celebrity Nature


The bodyguard claimed that many celebrities have a narcissistic streak, and it’s a trait that might have fueled their journey to stardom from being just another face in the crowd. This means they’re often preoccupied with their own world, sometimes overlooking the personal lives or commitments of those around them, including their bodyguards:

“That narcissistic personality also means that a lot of times, they don’t think about some of the day-to-day things that affect others. Security is around them more than their spouses, and they might forget birthdays, or forget that you have children, or that your children might get sick or have a special school day. They just expect you to work and do the job and do the things that facilitate their needs.”

Guarding Beyond External Threats


While one might assume that bodyguards are primarily to fend off potential attackers, the reality is more nuanced. Celebrities, like anyone, can trip or have minor accidents, sometimes leading to injuries. Remembering incidents like Justin Bieber’s stage fall, the bodyguard explained the role of security:

“Statistically speaking, the client is much more likely to trip over a wire backstage and suffer a sprained ankle than get descended upon by snipers where I have to get into a gun battle … Justin Bieber, who is not a client, recently fell through a trap door on stage. That’s something we’d love to be able to intercept, but the reality is there’s only so much we can do. Mishaps happen. For whatever reason, he stepped over it and fell in. The big piece for us is we have to protect the clients from physical harm, but we have to protect them from embarrassment, and sometimes, like this time, it’s a combination of both.”


Celebrities might occasionally venture into gray areas, legally speaking. Bodyguards, being the first line of defense, often find themselves in situations where they must navigate these challenges:

“If you aspire to work in the industry and you’re going to do whatever it takes, and you get a phone call from Snoop Dogg, you should know that there’s probably going to be marijuana at some point or another. The first person that’s going to encounter a problem with law enforcement is security. If they’re doing something illegal, you’re that buffer between them and the public and the buffer between them and law enforcement. If I don’t want any joint problems, Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson aren’t people I would want to be around.”

So, whether it’s handling substances that are borderline legal or managing situations that can draw legal attention, bodyguards are expected to shield the celebrity, sometimes even at personal risk.

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