5 Surprising Things Celebrities Wanted In Their Hotel Riders

Elif Ozden

In the world of show business, touring celebrities often have unique requirements to make their hotel stays more comfortable and personalized. Known as riders, these requests can span a broad range, from particular food preferences to unique room arrangements. Let’s delve into some of the most intriguing requests made by five renowned celebrities and explore how they contribute to making their hotel stays as comfortable as possible.



In 2014, while on his Hit and Run UK tour, Prince had a unique set of requests. According to reports, Prince wanted no stairs at any of his hotels and demanded any obstructive rugs be removed from his suites. In addition, he wanted his rooms free from paintings or photos featuring animals or faces. After each show, all books in his suite were to be removed. Prince’s requirements had to be fulfilled, or he wouldn’t turn up to play.

Justin Timberlake


The ‘Sexy Back’ singer highlights the importance of hygiene and privacy in his hotel rider. Notably, he required someone to disinfect the doorknobs of any backstage venue or hotel he’s staying in every two hours. Besides this, Timberlake insisted on having an entire floor of the hotel to himself, including the elevator, a request likely made to ensure his privacy.



On her 2013 world tour, the superstar had a few particular requests for her accommodations. As reported by Daily Mail, she required red toilet paper and new toilet seats, presumably for hygiene purposes. Along with this, Beyonce also requested chilled alkaline water, a potentially health-focused preference that seems fitting for a demanding performance schedule.

Katy Perry


As reported by Perez Hilton, Katy Perry’s hotel rider is full of ‘diva demands.’ Her requirements included SmartWater, plain Fage Greek yogurt, and organic toasted almond granola, along with a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, she requested a director’s chair, a full-length mirror, and a wardrobe steamer in her suite. A deli platter with turkey and Swiss cheese, dried mango slices, and a variety of snacks like flaxseed tortilla chips, garlic hummus, and Mad Mexican salsa verde were also on Katy’s list. In defending her tour demands, Perry emphasized the importance of comfort while living on the road.



Rapper Jay-Z’s list of hotel musts is tailored to his personal and familial comfort. His requests included having his hotel rooms set at 71 degrees and having three $80 Mayan tuberose-scented candles. He preferred not to have any vacuuming near his room, presumably due to noise considerations. Jay-Z’s rider also indicates his distaste for the prospect of staff asking for free concert tickets. Notably, he insisted on having Ace of Spades Champagne in his room but refused to be charged for it since he owns the company. As a thoughtful parent, Jay-Z requested child-proofed hotel rooms, including covered sharp edges, corners, and electrical outlets, as well as organic whole milk for his child, Blue Ivy.

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