5 Ultimate Beauty Tips From Iman, David Bowie’s Model Wife

Elif Ozden

You may know her for her decades-long modeling career that began in the late 1970s, but Iman is also an entrepreneur with a beauty line, Iman Cosmetics, launched in 1994 to empower women of all skin colors. Speaking to People two years ago, Iman shared some of her ultimate beauty secrets. Here are her five golden tips.

1. Prioritize Skin Care


Iman was taught the importance of skincare from a young age, a lesson imparted by her mother:

“My mom started with me and my sisters the routine of skincare between the ages of eight to ten. She always used to say, ‘The skin you take care of in your teens and twenties is the one you’re going to inherit sixties and above.”

For Iman, skincare isn’t an afterthought; it’s a methodical routine like brushing your teeth — starting early and sticking to it is a principle that has guided her throughout her life.

2. Use Masks Regularly


Iman places considerable emphasis on using a sheet mask — specifically the SK-II 3D Redefining Mask. According to the model, the mask works wonders:

“I have no idea what’s in it, but I’ll tell you one thing: you could have the flu, and you will put the mask on, and when it does its job, you look like you just came from a holiday. That’s how miraculous it is. I swear by it.”

3. Stay Active


Iman started focusing on fitness around the age of 30. Unlike many who may find the treadmill a convenient option, Iman opts for more dynamic activities. She says:

“I cannot do a treadmill because that bores the hell out of me.”

As Iman admits, she stays in shape through boxing and hiking, activities that engage both her body and mind.

4. Embrace Your Whole Self


Iman gained 8 lbs during the COVID-19 pandemic and found that the added weight actually softened her face. Iman challenges the traditional view that women should strive for extreme thinness, especially as they age:

“People keep wanting to be extremely skinny with no body fat. As you get older, that shows in your face and hands. You lose the collagen. People run to get fillers and stuff like that. I’m intending to keep the 8 lbs.”

Her point is clear: Self-acceptance is essential, and stressing over a few pounds, particularly after the age of 50, is unnecessary.

5. Grow Old Gracefully


For Iman, aging isn’t a taboo subject but rather a stage of life to be embraced with gratitude and grace. This view is rooted in her African heritage, where aging is considered a privilege. While she has no objections to plastic surgery, it’s not a path she’s chosen for herself. Instead, she offers a simple yet effective tip for those concerned about appearing youthful during virtual meetings:

“But on Zoom, get yourself good lighting!”

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