5 Worst Charlize Theron Movies That Are A Waste Of Time

Elif Ozden

Charlize Theron, with her decades-long career in Hollywood, has seen both highs and lows. Like any actor, she has projects that don’t shine as brightly as her Oscar-winning performances. For those curious about which films might not be worth their time, here’s a rundown of five such movies, with a bonus entry.

5. Mighty Joe Young (1998) – IMDb: 5.6

Theron took on her first leading role in this Hollywood film. Here, she portrays Jill, a character who grows up alongside a young gorilla named Joe. As Joe matures into an enormous creature, he becomes a target for those seeing a potential profit. Drawing parallels with the classic ‘King Kong,’ this Disney adventure didn’t particularly stand out in terms of storytelling.

4. Waking Up in Reno (2002) – IMDb: 5.5

While Theron has shown her skills in comedy in other projects, ‘Waking Up in Reno‘ doesn’t highlight her comedic strengths. The film centers on two couples, including Theron, Billy Bob Thornton, Natasha Richardson, and Patrick Swayze, embarking on a road trip to Reno. Despite the cast, the film’s storyline and humor didn’t garner a strong response from audiences.

3. Æon Flux (2005) – IMDb: 5.5

Theron ventures into the action genre with ‘Æon Flux.‘ Set in a futuristic world, she plays a deadly assassin with a mission to overthrow a corrupt government. Although visually impressive, the film struggled both critically and commercially, lacking a distinct narrative identity among other sci-fi titles.

2. The Astronaut’s Wife (1999) – IMDb: 5.4

Teaming up with Johnny Depp, Theron stars in this sci-fi thriller. She plays Jillian, the wife of an astronaut who starts behaving strangely after returning from a space mission. Although it premised exploration, the film unfortunately followed a predictable route, not fully leveraging the potential of its plot.

1. The Last Face (2016) – IMDb: 4.9

Directed by Sean Penn, ‘The Last Face‘ pairs Theron with Javier Bardem, both portraying aid workers in Africa. As they navigate the realities around them, their personal relationship is explored. While the intention was to juxtapose societal issues with a love story, the execution didn’t resonate well with audiences.

Bonus: Reindeer Games (2000) – IMDb: 5.8

A year post the turn of the millennium saw Theron in ‘Reindeer Games.‘ Directed by John Frankenheimer, the film follows an ex-convict entangled in a casino heist. Filmed in Vancouver and featuring a cast including Ben Affleck and Gary Sinise, the movie wasn’t successful at the box office. Theron herself voiced her regret about the project in past interviews, and the reviews from critics and viewers seem to agree with her.

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