6 Best Movies And TV Shows By Lisa Marie’s Daughter Riley Keough

Elif Ozden

Riley Keough has transitioned from supporting roles to taking the spotlight in films and TV series. Despite being the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Keough has forged her own path in the entertainment industry, collaborating with filmmakers such as Steven Soderbergh, Antoine Fuqua, and George Miller. Here, we explore six of her most noteworthy performances.

6. Under the Silver Lake – IMDb: 6.5

Under the Silver Lake‘ has a satirical narrative with a plot that revolves around Sam, played by Andrew Garfield, as he searches for Sarah (Keough) after spending one night with her. As the mystery unravels, Keough’s portrayal of Sarah reflects the nuances of a character that exists in Sam’s perception.

5. Zola – IMDb: 6.5

Zola‘ stands out for its origin, rooted in a Twitter thread from Aziah ‘Zola’ King and a Rolling Stone article. The film brings to life the tale of Zola (Taylour Paige), who, persuaded by her new friend Stefani (Keough), ends up on a journey that takes unexpected turns. As Stefani, Keough presents a character whose intentions and background are constantly evolving.

4. The Girlfriend Experience – IMDb: 7.0

The Girlfriend Experience‘ is an anthology drama that delves into the lives of private escorts. In its first season, we follow Christine Reade (Keough), a law student intern who balances her studies with her role as a high-end escort. Through Keough’s portrayal, viewers gain insights into Christine’s life which has its professional and personal challenges.

3. American Honey – IMDb: 7.0

American Honey‘ introduces audiences to Star (Sasha Lane), a young individual seeking an escape from her family dynamics. Joining a group of young sales nomads, Star’s story unfolds. Keough’s role as Krystal, the sales team leader, adds depth to the narrative and paints Krystal as a complex figure.

2. Logan Lucky – IMDb: 7.0

Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky‘ is a comedic heist film that centers around the Logan family’s plan to pull off a grand theft. Mellie Logan, portrayed by Keough, plays an important role in their scheme. While she assists in the heist, Mellie also supports her family in their day-to-day challenges.

1. Daisy Jones & The Six – IMDb: 8.1

Topping the list, ‘Daisy Jones & The Six‘ explores the dynamics of a rock band at the height of its success. Each character in the band brings their own flair to the screen, and Keough portrays Daisy Jones, the lead singer.

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