6 Best Travel Destinations For Gen Z Ranked By Safety And Social Media Engagement

Elif Ozden

Choosing the perfect destination for Generation Z can be a blend of traditional attractions and modern digital appeal. The travel experts at Airport Parking Reservations revealed a list of top destinations last year based on factors such as safety ratings, social media engagement, hostel availability, and more. Here’s a breakdown of their findings:

1. London, UK


Ranked the top destination for Gen Z travelers, London achieved a travel score of 7.79 out of 10. This city has gathered significant attention with 158 million Instagram hashtags and over 42 billion views on TikTok. Those looking for budget-friendly accommodation can choose from its 71 hostels.

2. Barcelona, Spain


Close behind is Barcelona, with a score of 7.26. This destination has earned its position not only for its cultural offerings but also for its safety rating of 49.02. Barcelona boasts 174 restaurants and 85 attractions per 100,000 people. Besides, with 87 hostels, it’s suitable for younger travelers seeking cost-effective lodgings.

3. Dubai, UAE


Dubai secured the third spot with a travel score of 7.10. It leads in TikTok views at 92 billion and has over 123 million hashtags on Instagram. Visitors also have the option of staying in one of the city’s 36 hostels.

4. Paris, France


Paris achieved a Gen Z travel score of 7.07. The City of Love registered 138 million hashtags and 38.1 billion TikTok views. It also offers a good mix of 159 restaurants and 73 attractions per 100,000 people. Plus, those on a budget can explore 32 hostels scattered across the city.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam made it to the list with a score of 7.00. This city of canals has accumulated 35 million hashtags and 5.3 billion TikTok views. It’s also notable for its safety rating of 32.60 and offers a choice of 347 restaurants and 265 attractions per 100,000 people. Visitors have the option of 38 hostels for their stay.

6. Prague, Czech Republic


Last but not least, Prague clinched the sixth spot with a score of 6.86. The historic city logged 18 million Instagram hashtags and 1.5 billion TikTok views. With 423 restaurants and 310 attractions per 100,000 people, there’s no shortage of activities to indulge in. The city also houses 59 hostels for travelers.

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