6 Facts About Fivel Stewart Every Atypical And The Recruit Fan Should Know

Elif Ozden

Fivel Stewart continues to shine in the entertainment industry. Yet, there’s more to this talented actress than what meets the eye on-screen. Here are six lesser-known facts about Fivel for fans of ‘Atypical’ and ‘The Recruit.’

1. Her Acting Career Began When She Was A Child


Growing up in a household where both her parents were in the entertainment industry for decades, Fivel was introduced to the world of performance early on. She embarked on her own acting journey at the age of seven.

2. Fivel Changed Her Name


Born Trente Heavyn Stewart, the world now knows her as Fivel. Interestingly, this was not a typical Hollywood name change to add mystique or to hide identity. Instead, Fivel chose the name simply because she fancied it.

3. She Appeared In The O.C.


Remember the early 2000s TV series ‘The O.C.’? If you thought you spotted a young Fivel, you were right! In 2006, she made a brief appearance in an episode titled ‘The Avengers.’

4. She Sang The Lead In Rock Bands

In her younger years, Fivel was the lead singer for bands named My Allowance and 5L. This musical venture even saw her touring alongside big names, including Demi Lovato, Menudo, and Mitchell Musso.

5. Fivel Is A Stunt Woman


Fivel once revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that before fully immersing herself in acting, she doubled as a stunt performer. Working alongside her father, who coordinated stunts for films, she took on various roles, from rigging to lighting people on fire. She said she still considers it one of her favorite things to do.

6. She’s Trained In Martial Arts


Fivel’s talents don’t just stop at the performing arts. She has spent several years mastering martial arts. Beginning her training and competing at just six years old, she achieved recognition when she was inducted into the Black Belt Junior Hall Of Fame in 2003.

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