6 Facts About Gabriel Basso The Night Agent Fans Should Know

Elif Ozden

While you may be familiar with Gabriel Basso for his roles in ‘The Big C’ and ‘Hillbilly Elegy,’ there are some lesser-known aspects of his life that many might not be familiar with. If you’re a fan of ‘The Night Agent,’ you’ll probably want to know these six facts about the talented actor.

1. He Has a Daughter


In August 2020, Basso shared the exciting news on his Instagram: he had become a father. While he often shares snaps with his daughter, he’s kept her name under wraps. One of his posts from February humorously detailed the lively chaos of parenthood, saying:

“If you live in the midst of chaos, your thinking becomes chaotic and disorganized. Indeed. That is my ultimate secret to remaining inhumanly tense and on edge. Always keep yourself guessing so that your enemies and rivals won’t have any idea what your next move will be. Always wear your gi. And always possess wrist control when addressing a toddler.”

2. He Keeps His Love Life Private


Despite being in the spotlight, Gabriel values his privacy, especially when it comes to his personal relationships.

After ‘The Night Agent’ aired, there were whispers about a possible relationship between him and his on-screen love interest, Luciane Buchanan. However, these were quickly set straight – the two are just good friends. Basso’s social media offers little insight into his romantic life, so it appears he prefers to keep those details personal.

3. Basso is A St. Louis Native


Born and raised in St. Louis, Gabriel is proud of his midwestern roots. Though he and his family relocated to Los Angeles to support his acting aspirations, his love for his hometown remains strong.

4. His Tattoos Are Real


Those who’ve watched ‘The Night Agent’ might’ve noticed the arm tattoos of Gabriel’s character, Peter Sutherland. Turns out the tattoos are genuinely his. A quick peek into his Instagram verifies this, as the tattoo makes several appearances in his personal photos.

5. His Sisters are Actresses


Both of Gabriel’s sisters, Annalise and Alexandria, are in the entertainment industry as well. Annalise has featured in TV shows and movies like ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Oculus,’ while Alexandria has appeared in films such as ‘Alice Upside Down’ and episodes of ‘iCarly.’

6. He Wanted to Be a Professional Football Player


Before he decided to be an actor, Gabriel had his eyes set on professional football. He trained in the sport alongside his early acting career, but it remains unknown if he’s still interested in football.

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