6 Interesting Facts About John Noble Every Fringe Fan Should Know

Zehra Kabak

Years after John Noble wrapped up his role in ‘Fringe,’ the most recent news reported that the actor was to take part in the upcoming season of another science fiction series, ‘Severance.’ There are no updates on Noble’s new character, but we can share a few points you should know about him before the new season starts.

6. Noble Did Voice Work For Video Games


Noble lent his voice to characters in past projects like ‘Superman: Unbound (2013)’ and ‘The Last Airbender (2010).’ In addition, he shifted toward the video game industry, starting with the role of Bishop in 2009’s ‘The Saboteur’ and voicing Scarecrow in ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ in 2015.

5. His Favorite Food Is Quesadillas


The ‘Fringe’ actor played Grandfather James in 2018’s ‘Silencio,’ whose filming took place in Mexico, and, according to rumors, ‘fell in love with quesadillas.’ Later, he confirmed these rumors in a chat with Screen Rant by saying he was a ‘quesadilla man’ and adding:

“I just love cheese. So that’s what I get when I go out somewhere. I order quesadillas. My wife will say, ‘Don’t get quesadillas.’ It’s primitive, isn’t it? I’ll have a quesadilla and a coffee, please. And I go to some places now where I live, and they don’t even ask me anymore. They just bring it out. [Laughs]”

4. John Is Vocal About His Opinions On Politics


Even during the tense air in 2020 due to the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, John Noble shared his dislike for the latter and support for the former on social media. For example, he supported Stephen King’s criticism of Trump‘s words about the COVID-19 cases by resharing his post on Twitter/X.

3. He Was Diagnosed With Osteoporosis


In 2012, doctors diagnosed the actor with osteoporosis, a disease commonly seen in people above 50, causing weak bones. Following that, Noble founded his own charity called Noble Bones to raise awareness of the condition.

2. Noble Played Sherlock Holmes’ Father In ‘Elementary’


Noble took part in the contemporary adaptation of Sherlock Holmes for 16 episodes. He joined the cast in season 4 and played Holmes’ father, Morland, helping him in his fight with Moriarty and setting the stage for the final showdown between them.

1. John Is Also A Science Enthusiast, Just Like Walter Bishop


Reflecting a parallel with his character in ‘Fringe,’ Noble expressed an interest in science during an interview with Red Carpet News TV in the past. The actor said he was interested in physics and scientific theory while mentioning that he often read about these topics.

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