6 True Stories George And Tammy Used From George Jones And Tammy Wynette’s Life

Elif Ozden

While Showtime’s ‘George and Tammy’ has taken some artistic liberties, it’s rooted in many factual events from George Jones and Tammy Wynette’s lives. Let’s explore six true stories that were recreated in the show:

George and Tammy Declared They Love Each Other at a Family Meal


Episode 1 draws on a moment when George made a declaration of love to Tammy at the family dinner table.

As recounted in the book ‘Tammy Wynette: Tragic Country Queen,’ Jones visited the Wynette/Chapel household following a distressing event involving Wynette’s three daughters. An argument with Don Chapel escalated to the point where George, driven by anger, flipped the dinner table over and expressed his love for Tammy.

Tammy’s Hysterectomy was Done Without Her Approval


After giving birth to her fourth daughter, Georgette, Tammy underwent a hysterectomy. The series suggests that the procedure was carried out without Tammy’s knowledge. Following the surgery, Wynette struggled with numerous health complications, notably the accumulation of scar tissue leading to severe pain and gallbladder issues. This chain of events sadly resulted in her addiction to painkillers.

George Pointed a Gun at Tammy


One of the episodes delves into an altercation where a drunk George supposedly fired a gun at Tammy. Wynette documented this event in her autobiography, recounting a 1973 incident in which George, inebriated, pursued and shot at her. The series depicts a less severe version, with George firing the gun at the ceiling. It’s worth noting that George himself denied this story in his memoir.

Tammy Went to Vegas By Herself

In another episode, Tammy is slated to perform a concert series with George in Las Vegas. Yet, George’s absence due to a relapse forces Tammy to face the Vegas audience alone. While there’s ambiguity surrounding the audience’s reception, it’s documented that George missed the opening performance. This incident contributed to George’s ‘No Show Jones’ nickname within the music industry.

Tammy Had a Substance Addiction


Wynette battled with health complications post-hysterectomy. Her reliance on painkillers to alleviate pain turned into a drug addiction. Members of her road crew even received training to administer injections of Demerol. Wynette’s addiction became so heavy that she had a catheter inserted to dispense drugs directly. Although she made efforts to address her addiction, including a stint at the Betty Ford Center, she couldn’t entirely overcome it.

It Wasn’t Tammy Who Took George’s Keys to Stop Him


Another scene from the series involves Tammy taking George’s car keys to prevent him from drunk driving. However, it wasn’t Tammy who took the keys in reality. As reported by WhiskeyRiff, it was George’s second wife, Shirley Corley. After being denied access to his car, Jones resorted to using a lawnmower to reach where he wanted to go.

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