6 Worst Nicolas Cage Movies That Are Waste Of Time

Bihter Sevinc

Nicolas Cage has had his fair share of cinematic hits and misses during his long career. He’s a versatile actor, known for outstanding roles in movies like ‘Leaving Las Vegas,’ ‘The Rock,’ and ‘Adaptation.’ Still, he’s not very picky about his roles, so he’s been in quite a few not-so-great films, too. Here are 6 Cage movies that are not worth your time.

6. Trapped In Paradise (1994) – IMDb 5.9

‘Trapped in Paradise’ stars Nicolas Cage as Bill Firpo, one of three brothers who attempt to rob a small-town bank during Christmas. Things don’t go as planned, and they get stranded in the town due to a snowstorm. Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz accompany him in the film. However, despite the talented cast, many critics labeled the movie as unwatchable. The jokes didn’t land, the chemistry didn’t click, and the story felt stretched too thin.

5. Grand Isle (2019) – IMDb 4.7

In a Victorian home, Cage’s character hides dark secrets that could be unveiled when a shelter-seeking guest is accused of murder due to a hurricane. While Nicolas has excelled in villain roles, ‘Grand Isle’ in this respect. The film received a lukewarm reception from critics, seen as a standard thriller lacking excitement or originality.

4. Outcast (2014) – IMDb 4.6

The actor isn’t afraid to tackle different movie genres. In ‘Outcast,’ he takes on a medieval action-adventure role, playing alongside Hayden Christensen. Together, they protect a young boy from a ruthless emperor. While it might seem like fun to see Cage as an outlaw in a medieval setting, critics found the film disappointingly dull and far from enjoyable.

3. 211 (2018) – IMDb 4.4

The movie features Cage in the role of a veteran cop named Mike Chandler, who is nearing retirement. He becomes trapped with his partner and a young civilian in a fierce shootout against heavily armed thieves. Many critics found the plot to be recognizable. They criticized the film for essentially being a bunch of overused action movie clich├ęs combined with uninspired scenes.

2. Deadfall (1993) – IMDB 4.0

‘Deadfall’ is a crime film where a young man gets involved with a crime boss and his paranoid partner, portrayed by Cage. While the actor’s performance is captivating, the rest of the movie falls short. It appears they tried to make the film revolve around Cage, but it turned into an uninteresting mess.

1. Left Behind (2014) – IMDb: 3.1

‘Left Behind’ is a chaotic apocalyptic thriller adapted from the popular novel with the same title. The movie depicts the worldwide turmoil following the mysterious disappearance of millions. Cage takes on the role of a pilot who remains behind after this unexplained event. The film turns out to be slow and uninteresting. Cage’s performance lacks excitement, and the film’s small scale falls short of being thrilling.

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