A Look Into Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Long Lost’ Brother Alex Aniston

Elif Ozden

From ‘Friends’ to ‘The Morning Show,’ Jennifer Aniston’s career has made her a household name. While her professional and personal life has been extensively covered in the media, the lives of her half-brothers, John Melick III and Alex Aniston, remain relatively private. Today, we’re focusing on Jennifer’s younger half-brother, Alex, a man who has carved out a path for himself that is far from Hollywood’s glamour and glitz.


Alex Aniston, full name Alexander Aniston, was born in 1989 to Jennifer’s father, John Aniston, and his second wife, Sherry Rooney. Alex, known as AJ, grew up with Hollywood’s wealth and privilege at his fingertips but opted for a life less conventional.

Following a brief stint at a university in Santa Cruz, California, Alex charted a new course. He fully embraced a free-spirited and rebellious lifestyle, leaving behind a life of privilege and academic pursuit. He then embarked on a nomadic journey, transforming his black van into a mobile home, and began traversing the coast from Los Angeles to Alaska.

The young Aniston is often described as a ‘traveling artist.’ His body is adorned with various tattoos expressing his personal philosophy and lifestyle. Among his many tattoos, ‘Live Free’ inked across his stomach stands out, reflecting his attitude towards life.


While Alex’s choice of career remains somewhat of a mystery, his interests are well-documented. From building original bikes out of assorted bike parts to creating his own outfits, Alex has a flair for artistic endeavors. At one point, he even dabbled in taxidermy, selling roadkill pieces for income. According to Cheatsheet, one of his friends said the following about Alex:

“I feel he does his own thing; he makes his own clothes; he’s a really creative guy. I remember he was interested in things like animal skulls, but I’ve not seen him that recently and am not sure what art he does with them; I would describe him as an artist. He also likes to make original bikes out of different bike parts.”

Notably, Alex’s personal life has seen some turbulence. He shares two children, a son named Ryat, born in 2014, and a daughter named Kira, born in 2016, with his ex-partner, Adriane Hallek. After their split, the details of their breakup and the current whereabouts of Alex remain relatively unknown.


AJ is rumored to have gone missing, with Jennifer allegedly worried about his safety due to his involvement in political protests. As reported by Micky.com, a source said:

“No one has heard from AJ in months, and he hasn’t been on social media since July. Jen knows he’s very into political protests and fears he’s mixed up in the riots in America. She watches the news of civil unrest in places like Portland – where AJ has friends and is likely to be hanging out – with her heart in her mouth, half hoping to see him so she knows where he is, but half knowing not too so she doesn’t have to fear for his life.”

Another rumor about the siblings was that Aniston was to adopt Alex’s two children as her younger brother abandoned his kids, leaving her no choice. However, this rumor was later debunked.


When it comes to Alex’s relationship with his famous sister, it seems that the Aniston siblings maintain a distance. In an interview with Daily Mail, Alex expressed irritation about his sister’s fame affecting his life:

“‘It’s been happening since middle school [people asking about Jennifer]. It’s been a pain in my *ss for years. No comment.'”

And Jennifer, too, rarely mentions her brother in public. Alex’s last public appearance with Jennifer was at the premiere of her film Along Came Polly in 2004.

However, when their father passed away in 2022, Jennifer made a kind gesture for Alex, breaking the ice between the two. As per Globe, a source recalled the following:

“Their dad served in the Army during the Korean War, so when the honor guard presented his folded American flag to her, she gestured it should go to Alex. Alex was deeply moved by Jen’s generous gesture. He smiled and nodded to her, indicating his gratitude.”

Apparently, Alex is an individual who has carved out his own unique path, choosing freedom and artistic expression over fame and fortune. However, his brother John Melick III works in the entertainment industry as an assistant director and production manager and has occasionally appeared in public with Jennifer, including at film premieres.

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