A7X’s Synyster Gates Injures His Leg, M. Shadows Shares An Update

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Following the Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synster Gates’ leg injury during the band’s July 19 gig, M. Shadows shared the details on A7X’s Discord server.

Sharing an update on the musician’s condition, the frontman wrote:

“Synyster Gates is back, and [it] seems like a pretty severe contusion of his calf. He’s got crutches and can’t walk on it at the moment. Gonna be sore for a few days.”

He further said:

“Doc said it could be from dehydration, possibly last night’s show, the heat, and not enough water today. Bottom line is he’s watching it closely and hopefully be able to stand on it soon.”

The singer also mentioned in Discord that the band has no plans to cancel any upcoming shows. So, the guitarist will be performing during the remaining North American gigs.

The incident happened during their ‘Life Is but a Dream…‘ tour’s second night in Mansfield, Massachusetts. While playing ‘The Stage,’ Gates abruptly left the stage, leaving his bandmates to finish the song. The band decided to take a 20-minute break to deal with the situation and then couldn’t play their encore due to time constraints.

The band is on tour to support their album of the same name, which hit the shelves on June 2. You can check out M. Shadows’ statements on why the Lionel Richie collaboration on the song ‘Beautiful Morning’ from the record didn’t work out here.

Below you can see the frontman’s words and also watch a video of Gates’ injury on the stage.

No shows cancelled
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