Adam DeVine On Whether Chloe Bridges Gave Him An ‘Ultimatum’

Elif Ozden

Adam DeVine recently sat down with Hoda & Jenna for an interview on TODAY. Talking about how he met with his wife, Chloe Bridges, Adam revealed whether she gave him an ultimatum before their marriage.

When Hoda and Jenna asked him if it’s true they first bonded over drive-thru Daiquiris, Adam started telling the story of how they first met:

“We shot a movie together. We actually met in the same movie.”

Seeing a picture of himself with Chloe on the screen, Adam couldn’t help but say how beautiful she was. He then continued with his story:

“We were driving together, and we had just met each other when driving from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. She stops and goes, ‘Hey, we should get drive-thru Daiquiris!’ and I was like, ‘I love you.’ It was love at first Daiquiris!”

Jenna then asked if he immediately wanted to be married to Chloe. Adam responded:

“I was like, ‘This girl’s very, very, very, very cool. I should marry her in eight years.’ I took my sweet time.”

Surprised by how many years the couple dated before their marriage, Hoda and Jenna asked the actor why did they wait for so long. Adam’s response was:

“I’m an idiot! You know me, Hoda, I’m gonna blow it for years before I get it right.”

The hosts then asked if Chloe gave her an ultimatum before their plans to get married. Adam then recalled how she had him propose to her:

“There wasn’t an ultimatum; it was like she told me the exact ring that she wanted. She was just like, ‘In case you’re looking; this is the exact ring I would like.'”

Adam and Chloe started dating in 2015 after meeting on the set of ‘The Final Girls.’ In a 2019 Instagram post, Chloe announced their engagement. On October 9, 2021, the couple got married, with a ceremony that took place on a private beach in Los Cabos, Mexico.

DeVine is starring in the upcoming Netflix movie ‘The Out-Laws,’ which is set to be released on July 7.

You can watch the interview below.

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