Alcatrazz’s Jimmy Waldo On His Real Problem With Graham Bonnet

Melisa Karakas

Alcatrazz keyboardist Jimmy Waldo recently joined Louder Sound and discussed his former bandmate Graham Bonnet’s claims about their band while revealing what his real problem was with the singer.

Bonnet, after leaving Alcatrazz in 2020, had previously claimed there were ‘two versions‘ of the rock outfit, one led by him and the other by his replacement, Doogie White.

However, when the host pointed the former singer’s words to Waldo, asking what he thought of them and whether Graham’s version of Alcatraz existed, the keyboard player was quick to answer:

“No. [It doesn’t exist.] Honestly, I don’t know anything about what he’s [Graham] doing. One, it’s distasteful to me to keep track of a negative thing. I’ve nothing against Graham, but that [claiming there were two versions of Alcatrazz] was not a good situation. Two, I’m busy! Graham wasn’t really into the more rockin’ stuff, so that was a problem for me.”

After making it clear that his ‘real problem’ with Bonnet was because the former singer had no interest in ‘rockin’ stuff’ anymore, Jimmy continued by delving deeper into Alcatrazz’s ‘heavier’ upcoming projects:

“As you’ll hear on ‘Take No Prisoner,’ I like the heavier stuff. Doogie [White] does too. We do our new songs [live], plus we are working on bringing in one or two more from ‘No Parole From Rock N’ Roll’ to add to the two that we did in the UK in February.”

With Waldo clarifying that his real problem with Graham was due to creative differences, things continue to be uncertain on Bonnet’s front. Although the singer parted ways with Alcatrazz three years ago due to conflicts with the band’s management, the rocker had been vocal about his wish to play and record with the band, claiming he had no problems with having ‘two Alcatrazz’ around.

However, although the Doogie White-fronted Alcatrazz had since released the band’s fifth album ‘V’ along with numerous music videos, ‘the second version’ of the band, led by Bonnet, has been much quieter, as Waldo clarified that he hadn’t heard from the singer.

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