Alice Cooper Recalls The Beatles Song That Made Him Form A Band

Bihter Sevinc

Recently speaking to Southern Accents Radio with Dave Cobb on Apple Music, Alice Cooper revealed the Beatles song that inspired him to start a band while discussing his early influences.

The rocker recalled the first time he heard the Beatles, saying:

“[It was] the very first Beatles song I heard. I was painting my house, it was 1963 or 64, and I’m painting my house in summertime listening to the Four Seasons and the Beach Boys, you know? And all of a sudden, I heard, ‘She Loves You. Yeah, yeah, yeah…’ I stopped, and I went, ‘What was that?’ It was totally different from anything I’d ever heard.”

Cooper then didn’t know about the band’s popularity, as he explained:

“I hadn’t heard any hype about the Beatles. I didn’t know that they had long hair. I didn’t know that they wore Beatle boots and wore suits and were from England. I had no idea.”

The musician stated that the Beatles encouraged him to form a band:

“I just heard the song, and then an hour later, I heard, ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand.’ And I went, ‘What is going on? Who are these guys?’ And the next thing I know, I mean, my friends and I just sat back and said, ‘We gotta be in a band.’ I don’t care what band you’re in; I don’t care if you’re in Cradle of Filth; you learn from the Beatles.”

The Godfather of Shock Rock’s love for the Beatles is no secret. In a chat with LA Weekly last year, the singer had named the band among the three acts that young bands should listen to if they wish to improve themselves musically. The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons were the other bands he included in his suggestions.

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