Alice Cooper Says Keanu Reeves Was The ‘Mascot’ Of His Studio

Melisa Karakas

Alice Cooper recently recalled how he used to babysit Keanu Reeves and explained why the actor became his studio ‘mascot’ while speaking to Stereogum.

Reeves had previously revealed Cooper’s babysitting during an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2017, so when the host asked Alice whether he actually looked after a young Keanu, the rocker answered:

“Yeah, I did. We were making ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ in Toronto. Instead of a hotel, I was staying at… [producer] Bob Ezrin had a friend that had a Victorian house right across the street, and they were from Hawaii. They had this little six-year-old kid that always wanted to come over to the studio, and his name was ‘Ke.'”

He carried on by further detailing his time with the six-year-old Reeves:

“He had black hair. He became our mascot. I would bring him over to the studio, and I’d say, ‘Do you want to go get some ice cream?’ ‘Yeah, let’s go get ice cream.’ ‘Okay…’ Then he would come over, and we had a big black dog there, and he loved to play with the dog. But we absolutely sort of took him in as our mascot, and he loved being in the studio.”

However, apparently, Cooper had ‘no idea’ that the kid he looked after, ‘Ke,’ was actually ‘Keanu’ until he saw the actor’s Fallon interview:

“So I’m watching the Jimmy Fallon show, and they’re interviewing him. Jimmy Fallon pulls out a ‘Welcome To My Nightmare’ album. And he says, ‘What does this mean to you?’ And he goes, ‘Oh yeah, well, Alice was my babysitter.’ And I sat there, and I went, ‘What?’ And then I thought, ‘Ke, Keanu. Oh my gosh.’ I had no idea. And then I realized it was him. I used to babysit John Wick.”

Reeves, years after accompanying Cooper in the studio, also went on to found his own band, Dogstar, and recently reunited with his former bandmates, two decades after their initial disbandment. The actor also revealed in another recent interview the real reason behind the band’s comeback and the rocker he couldn’t stop listening to.

You can watch Keanu’s Fallon interview below.

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