Alicia Etheredge’s Confession About Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

Bihter Sevinc

The love story between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston remains one of music history’s most talked-about and tumultuous romances. Their close friendship evolved into a passionate romance at Houston’s birthday party. In 1991, Brown took a significant step and proposed marriage to Houston, and the couple tied the knot at Houston’s estate in 1992.

However, their marriage was marred by rumors of infidelity, substance abuse, and domestic violence. The couple’s relationship reached a breaking point in 2003 when Bobby faced battery charges following an altercation with Whitney. In September 2006, Houston filed for legal separation, and their divorce was finalized on April 2007.

Still, life had more in store for Brown as he crossed paths with Alicia Etheredge. Although they met in the late ’80s, they formed a platonic friendship for years. Following his split from Houston, Etheridge noticed Bobby struggling with heartbreak, as she revealed to People in a 2022 interview:

“He was in a pretty sad place. I saw him dealing with heartbreak. I saw him fighting to get back to his music and to what he loves.”

In his difficult days, Brown found solace in Alicia’s presence, and their bond soon transformed into a romantic relationship. In 2012, Brown and Etheredge married and welcomed three children together. Their love story, however, has not been without its challenges, as they carry the weight of the singer’s previous marriage to Houston.

Reflecting on the relationship between Brown and Houston, Alicia said in the same interview:

“Bobby and Whitney were their time. I also came from a place. So knowing that he loved hard and came out the other end and somehow we were meant to be and found each other again, that’s what I focus on.”

Beyond being Bobby’s wife, Etheredge-Brown has been his manager since joining his team in 2008. She also previously worked with notable figures like Macy Gray and Magic Johnson.

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