All About Halston Sage’s Departure From The Orville

Elif Ozden

FOX Television’s sci-fi series ‘The Orville’ received attention following the departure of Halston Sage, who portrayed Lieutenant Alara Kitan. Given the buzz surrounding her departure, we’ve delved into the facts to provide clarity on the situation.

Alara Kitan’s Role in the Orville Storyline


On ‘The Orville,’ Alara Kitan serves as the Chief Security Officer aboard the USS Orville, a mid-level exploration vessel of the Planetary Union. She was known for her superhuman strength due to the intense gravitational pull of her home planet, Xelaya. Over time, however, Alara begins to lose this strength, a core element of her story arc.

In the episode titled ‘Home,’ which aired on January 10th, viewers witnessed Alara’s decision to resign from her post and return to Xelaya. This choice came after she discovered her strength waning more rapidly than typical for her species.

Her return to Xelaya was not just to regain her strength but also to reconnect with her family after saving them from danger and earning her father’s respect.

Why Did Halston Sage Leave The Show?


FOX Television confirmed Sage’s departure to, stating that ‘Home’ marked her final episode as a series regular. However, the network did not provide a reason for her exit. There was a mention that Sage had been working on other projects, like ‘The Last Summer,‘ a movie in which she stars alongside K.J. Apa.

Given that this film and ‘The Orville’ had different filming locations, it might have posed scheduling challenges for the actress. Another element was Sage’s reluctance regarding certain aspects of the role, particularly the need for extensive prosthetics.

Fan Speculations About Her Departure


Halston Sage’s exit led to much fan speculation. Prior to the official announcement, there were whispers about Sage working on other projects while ‘The Orville’s’ second season was still in production. The inclusion of Jessica Szohr as Talla, another Xelayan security officer, in the same season only fueled this speculation. Some believed Talla was introduced to replace Alara.

There were also rumors about Sage’s personal life potentially playing a part. In 2018, it was rumored that Sage and Seth MacFarlane, the show’s co-producer and executive producer, were romantically involved. While some sources like Radar Online covered these rumors, it’s important to note that neither party publicly confirmed the relationship.

Will Alara Kitan Return to the Storyline?


Following Sage’s departure as a regular, the show left the door open for potential returns. Fans were met with a surprise when Sage made a brief appearance in the Season 2 finale. Throughout the episode, viewers got hints of what her storyline might have been had she stayed on.

Moreover, when posed questions about the future of Alara’s character, executive producers of the show, David A. Goodman, Brannon Braga, and Jon Cassar, remained cryptic, suggesting that there might be more to her story. So, whether or not Alara Kitan graces the screens again remains a possibility. For now, we can only wait and watch.

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