All You Need To Know About Chantel Everett And Pedro Jimeno’s Nasty Divorce

Elif Ozden

From their love-at-first-sight meeting in the Dominican Republic to their explosive fights on reality TV, Chantel, and Pedro’s journey has been anything but smooth. Their relationship, chronicled in TLC’s show ’90 Day Fiancé’ and their spinoff series ‘The Family Chantel,’ has unfolded in a series of dramatic episodes. Today, we delve deep into the couple’s love story, the details surrounding their controversial split, and the unanswered questions left in the wake of their yet-to-be-finalized divorce.

The Beginnings of Their Relationship


Chantel and Pedro, whose love story started in the mid-2010s, first crossed paths in Pedro’s native Dominican Republic, after which they decided to get engaged in secret. A move to Chantel’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States followed. Their bond and the ups and downs they experienced were presented to the world via the reality TV series that they starred in together.

Chantel and Pedro’s Wedding and the Aftermath


The couple’s wedding was a small affair, which took place in Georgia in March 2016. A more extravagant celebration was organized in the Dominican Republic, a nod to Pedro’s roots. Following their nuptials, the pair continued to be in the limelight, documenting their marital journey in the spinoff series ‘The Family Chantel.

Unfortunately, the marriage was not devoid of tension. Pedro felt a lack of acceptance from Chantel’s family, which Chantel attributed to her parents’ cautious approach to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Signs of a Breakdown


However, as viewers of ‘The Family Chantel’ would be aware, their marriage began to show signs of strain. The Season 4 finale of the show, aired on September 5, 2022, revealed an escalation of their conflict. An explosive fight was followed by Chantel draining their joint business account and calling the police on Pedro.

The Divorce Saga


The final nail in the coffin of their relationship came on May 27, 2022, when Pedro filed for divorce, stating their marriage was ‘irretrievably broken.’ Chantel responded by filing her own divorce papers.

The estranged couple received mutual restraining orders preventing changes to their assets or insurance policies without consulting each other. As of today, their divorce has not yet been finalized.

Amid this legal whirlwind, Pedro expressed concerns about deportation due to his altercations with Chantel. However, as a lawful permanent resident of the U.S., his status remains secure.

What Happened After Their Split?


Pedro’s accusations of Chantel’s withdrawal of money from their joint business account out of spite and her family’s accusations of Pedro’s ‘marriage scam‘ have only added fuel to the fire.

A particularly low point arrived when Pedro canceled Chantel’s phone plan amid their divorce proceedings, creating further animosity.

While the couple had no children, they contemplated starting a family in October 2020. However, their plans were postponed as they wished to be fully prepared to provide the best for their future children.

Following their split, Chantel and Pedro have been living separately since April 27, 2022.

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