All You Need To Know About Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch In California

Elif Ozden

Nestled in the Carmel Valley of California, Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch offers a blend of history, beauty, and modern comfort. The Hollywood icon acquired the property in 1986, saving it from a condominium development.

Since then, the ranch has overseen substantial improvements and restorations. Under the watchful eye of Eastwood, Mission Ranch has transformed from a historic farm into a luxury destination that marries the past with the present.

Here’s an inside look into the Ranch, highlighting the changes made under Eastwood’s supervision and providing detailed information about what future guests can expect during their stay.

The Restoration


Upon taking ownership, Eastwood embarked on a restoration process, preserving the integrity of the ranch’s original structures while implementing modern amenities. Once a dairy farm dating back to the 1800s, the Ranch needed careful attention to detail.

He became mayor of Carmel in 1986 and had a connection with the community. He was involved in the restoration process, hiring specialists, utilizing furniture from movie sets, and designing the Mission Ranch Collection.

Under Eastwood’s guidance, the historic farmhouse and barn were renovated, using materials that reflect the ranch’s heritage. These efforts allowed the original character of the structures to shine through while also ensuring that they meet contemporary standards.



Eastwood’s Mission Ranch now offers a range of accommodation options to suit various tastes and budgets. There are 31 hotel rooms distributed throughout the property, including 22 that are located in the original farm buildings.

Each room provides a combination of rustic charm and modern convenience, and many offer breathtaking views of the Carmel Valley. As Eastwood said, they are pretty comfortable as well:

“Furniture is what gives a room its character. I wanted this furniture to have a solid feel but be very comfortable.”

For those seeking a more intimate experience, the ranch also offers separate cottages. These private havens are carefully situated throughout the property, allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings.



The dining experience at Mission Ranch is equally impressive. A restored 19th-century farmhouse now serves as the main restaurant. Guests can enjoy a wide array of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, often accompanied by fine wines from the nearby vineyards. The menu, overseen by experienced chefs, changes seasonally to offer the freshest flavors.



Mission Ranch isn’t just about relaxation and dining; it offers a wide range of recreational activities. Guests can explore walking trails, play tennis, or simply enjoy the spectacular landscape. The Ranch is also conveniently located near the famous Carmel Beach, Pebble Beach golf courses, and various art galleries, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and outdoor life.

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