Amy Winehouse Was Struggling With Insecurities About Her Look, Her Close Friend Reveals

Melisa Karakas

Amy Winehouse’s close friend Charles Moriarty recently spoke to People and revealed the late singer’s insecurities about her looks.

Charles was also Amy’s personal photographer, and he’d been the one to shoot her debut album ‘Frank’s cover, which showed Amy walking two dogs. The picture was a ‘lucky shot’ on a random night out, Moriarty dubbed, as he revealed why Winehouse wanted an improvised photo for her album:

“She really wanted something to be authentic… She wanted people to see an image and understand it as being her and not something that was created by the industry for consumption.”

He then revealed how the singer had ‘insecurities’ about her looks:

“She always knew how she wanted to look or how she wanted to project herself. She just hadn’t gotten to that place of confidence with herself. Like any teenager, she was full of insecurities, as were we all about how we looked.”

Winehouse lost her life in 2011, aged 27, and has since taken her place in the infamous 27 Club, which includes names from Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin to Kurt Cobain.

Moriarty, on the other hand, is now in his 40s and releasing a book about his late friend, named ‘Amy Winehouse: In Her Words,’ which includes numerous not-seen-before pictures and memories Charles shared with the singer.

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