Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Daughter Katherine Admits Being Embarrassed By Her Father

Elif Ozden

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt recently sat down with Nikki and Brie for a conversation about being a mother and being the daughter of a famous actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While talking about having a lengthy surname like ‘Schwarzenegger,’ Katherine admitted:

“The last name Schwarzenegger is a very weighty one. When we were little, we went by S. I was just ‘Catherine S’ in school. And I actually didn’t think anything was different. I always knew that my dad was physically bigger; he was[n’t like] all the other dads that I would look around and see. [He was] definitely different physically.”

Recalling the movies her father made, like ‘Terminator,’ ‘Predator,’ and ‘Commando,’ she reflected on Chris Pratt’s career:

“I knew that he was out working on the location where he would be acting, but so many of the movies that he filmed when we were growing up were not kid-friendly at all. That’s one of the biggest differences with Chris; his movies are much more children-friendly.”

After that, Katherine revealed she actually didn’t have a chance to watch Arnold’s movies as a child. She then remembered how her father dropped her off at school:

“I didn’t see anything of my dad until I was way older because nothing was appropriate for any of us to watch. I knew what he was doing logically, but I didn’t see any of it. I remember the only time realizing, ‘Okay, this is different’ because my dad would drop us off at school in a Hummer that had no windows, no doors, and no roof.”

As Katherine said, this made her feel embarrassed, and she didn’t want Arnold to come around her school with a Hummer:

“I was mortified, it was an army green Hummer, and he would pull up to carpool. I was like, ‘Can you please drop me off down the street? Please, I’m so embarrassed.’ I was like, ‘Can we please just take the minivan? This is not my vibe; I don’t like this at all.’ That was the only time that I felt like, ‘Okay, something here is different.'”

Katherine’s relationship with the ‘Lego Movie’ actor Chris Pratt began in 2018. The couple then decided to get married on June 8, 2019. Chris and Katherine’s first daughter was born in 2020, and two years later, they welcomed their second daughter.

Besides Katherine, Arnold has four other children, including Joseph Baena and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

You can watch the interview below.

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