Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop Admits Writing A BTS Hit

Melisa Karakas

Frontman Danny Worsnop recently admitted he’d penned down a BTS track without having any idea while chatting with the SDR Show.

The host first made a point about the ‘profits’ of writing a BTS song, and the Asking Alexandria singer revealed how things had worked out for him financially, with a single sentence. He said:

“I paid off my publishing advance in a day.”

However, although Worsnop had made enough to pay off his entire publishing advance, when the host asked whether he was aware of how BTS’ usage of his song, the rocker expressed:

“No, no, no, no. [I didn’t know] I got a phone call that had cleared my advance… [Then] I’d seen it on Twitter. Someone had seen it in the credits. It was a B-side from a [We Are] Harlot song and Jeff [George] and Bruno [Agra] are also listed as writers.”

He added:

“So it must be a B-side that our publisher, BMG, had. And we never got an email about [it]. I’m sure [BTS’] legal management [asked], ‘Do they [We Are Harlot] wanna do this?’ And they [BMG] were like, ‘Yes, they want to do this.’ They didn’t wanna risk us saying no…”

The song in question was BTS’ ‘Silver Spoon’ as a Twitter user noticed Worsnop’s name in the track’s credits in 2019. So, if you want to check out what We Are Harlot would sound like in K-Pop, you can check out down below.

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