Bobcat Goldthwaith Shares How He Convinced People He Was Dave Grohl

Bihter Sevinc

In a recent interview with Consequence, actor Bobcat Goldthwait disclosed that he imitated Dave Grohl during the rocker’s Nirvana days.

Reflecting on his initial encounter with Grohl, the comedian said:

“I shot this commercial with them for ‘In Utero,’ and when I met Dave for the first time, he goes, ‘I’m the drummer. Yeah, I know I’m taller.'”

Goldthwait further talked about their bond, explaining:

“And when I was opening for them, sometimes when it was a call-in radio interview, I would do the interview for Dave. Because people didn’t know who he was.”

The actor continued:

“[The interviewers] didn’t know me if I wasn’t doing my voice. So I wasn’t doing an impression of him, but I had become friends enough that at that point I could just talk about, you know, D.C. [where Grohl got his start as a musician] and my band The Scream and stuff like that.”

Back in 1993, Bobcat took the stage as the opening act for Nirvana during their last North American tour, performing stand-up material. During his time with the band, he developed a friendship with the Nirvana members. When asked in the same interview how it was to open for them, he said:

“Sometimes it works great, and sometimes it’s a nightmare. About every third show, I’d actually connect and have a what would be considered a good set. But at that point in my career, I just thought it was funny to incite and annoy people‚Ķ I was a little self-destructive then. But sometimes it would click.”

The director also spent time with Nirvana during their ‘MTV Unplugged’¬†preparations. He was in the audience throughout the band’s performance. Goldthwait even advised Kurt Cobain backstage after the end of the show not to return for an encore as he thought there was no way to top the impact of their final song, ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night?’

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