Boy George Shares His First Impression Of Napalm Death

Melisa Karakas

Boy George recently shared what his first thoughts regarding Napalm Death were in an X post.

The singer tweeted that he’d been to a Napalm Death concert in Australia on September 13, and shared a video of the gig while praising vocalist Barney Greenway. George’s caption stated:

“Saw the noise monsters, Napalm Death, last night, and my ears are still ringing. Loved all of the stuff Barney had to say. Totally tight band [no other way of saying it, lol]. Hey, Barney! See you at the coffee counter! Comment of the night [was], ‘Shut up you fresh-faced f*cker.'”

George is currently in Australia as he’s touring with the Culture Club. The singer had been busy before these dates as well, as he’d been on a U.S. tour all across the country, accompanied by Howard Jones and Berlin.

Greenway and his buddies, on the other hand, are getting ready to tour the U.K. and France next month. Then, the band will carry on their touring in Japan as their scheduled dates in December are now up for sale.

You can view George’s tweet below.

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