Breckin Meyer’s Confession About His Role In Clueless

Bihter Sevinc

While a lot of teen movies disappear over time, ‘Clueless,’ a movie based on Jane Austen’s ‘Emma,’ has stayed popular since it came out in 1995. Maybe it’s the cool music, the story about social changes, or how teen movies keep being loved. It’s probably a mix of many things.

Some details we didn’t know about the film started to emerge in the following years, like the one Breckin Meyer, who starred as Travis Birkenstock, revealed. During a virtual interview with ET in 2020, the actor confessed 25 years after the movie’s debut:

“I was rushed to the hospital during the making of this movie. Because as an actor, when someone says, ‘Can you skateboard,’ you say, ‘Yes,’ and when they ask if you can horse ride, you say ‘Yes.’ So they asked if I could skateboard, and I can, but I wasn’t that good at half-pipes and aerials.”

Unfortunately, he broke his foot in the middle of a scene. Reflecting on that detail, Breckin added:

“So if you see at the end scene when Travis is talking to Ty and Cher, you don’t see my foot because there’s a big fat cast on it. And another little tidbit. Seth [Green] had the Travis skateboard for about 16 years in his backyard, and I had to eventually hop his fence to steal it back.”

After the movie, there was a TV show and a bunch of books that continued the story. Meyer made a guest appearance on the spin-off television sitcom, not in his original role but with a new character named Harrison.

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