Bryan Cranston Explains Truth Behind His Involvement In A Dating Service

Elif Ozden

‘Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston recently joined The Kelly Clarkson Show for an interview.

During the conversation, the actor revealed that he worked for a dating service and started telling the story behind this venture:

“I was a videotape interviewer for a dating service called Great Expectations.”

Clarkson said the dating service sounded like setting oneself up for failure. Cranston said, laughing:

“Those expectations better be great!”

Clarkson then let the audience watch the clip where Cranston voiced the commercial for Great Expectations. In the video, he said the following to promote the dating service:

“You made a smart decision by joining Great Expectations. Now, keep your positive momentum going, make sure to keep your appointment for your photo and video, and set aside some time to read the great success workbook in your new member kit.”

She then said this was a revolutionary service because the dating apps of today do the exact same thing. Agreeing with Clarkson, Brian said:

“That’s right. You would slide right or slide left, but you didn’t do anything. That was the precursor to all those [dating websites like] ‘’ and things like that. It actually worked really well.”

Apparently, the dating service met its goal — Cranston said that there were couples who got married after meeting on Great Expectations.

In the same episode, Cranston also recalled taking different jobs before becoming an actor, including working as a server and loading trucks with Andy Garcia in LA.

On June 8, Cranston revealed that he plans to retire in 2026 to spend more time with his wife, Robin Dearden. Two days ago, the actor told Andy Cohen on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ that on a scale of 1-10, he’d say an eight that there would be a ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ reunion, and he’s been working on a script for the show.

You can watch the interview below.

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