Buckcherry’s Josh Todd Shares The Last Five Rock Stars The Industry Had

Elifnaz Yuksel

Buckcherry’s frontman Josh Todd recently spoke to The Logan Show and shared his opinions on the current state of rock music and bands.

During the chat, Josh mentioned the diversity of older rock bands:

“Back in the day, every band kind of had personalities, and they all were separate from each other because of that, even though they were in one genre of music. “

 He later counted the frontmen from the ’90s, emphasizing how those rockers carried different characteristics from each other:

“The last decade when there were rock stars was the ’90s. I mean, look how many amazing frontmen you had — you had Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder and Zack De La Rocha — and all these guys were just all in a league on their own. And every one of those bands was different, so when you heard them, you knew it was them. And I don’t know — since, like, 2000, it hasn’t been like that on rock radio.”

The singer then explained his thoughts on current rock bands, claiming they failed to stand out:

“You listen to any kind of new rock radio, and it sounds like — to me; this is just my opinion — it just sounds like one consecutive band for, like, 45 minutes, and you don’t know who anyone is and you don’t know anybody’s name and there’s no guitar heroes and there’s no frontmen.”

Josh continued by detailing his thoughts and also praised Rage Against the Machine:

“And the lyrics it’s kind of, in my opinion, G rated. I don’t feel like anybody’s connecting with their audience in an honest way. I don’t know. Maybe they are. I think the last band to really do that was Rage Against the Machine. I really liked them a lot. I wish they’d put out a lot more records, but they don’t.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

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