Carl Palmer Is Open To Making An AI-Generated Emerson, Lake And Palmer Album

Serra Ozturk

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer drummer recently chatted with AXS TV. When interviewer Katie Daryl asked whether he would be down to use AI to bring back the band with a possible album, the drummer replied:

“Yeah, I’m using all the technology that’s available to me under the sun. I mean to get all of these clicked up with click tracks starting on time, me playing to basically the music that was pre-recorded and having them visually on screen in time with the music, it takes a lot of preparation.”

Carl added:

“You can only do it because of technology, and who knows, there might be an AI Emerson, Lake, and Palmer album, who knows. I don’t know; I don’t close any doors. If a door opens, I guarantee you in life, walk through it.”

Palmer had explored the idea of a hologram tour for ‘The Return Of Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tour’ that kicked off last November. However, the drummer opted to use archived live footage and audio of the late Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, who both passed away in 2016.

The tour was on a break as the drummer had undergone heart surgery and needed time to recover. Carl posted a video on Facebook to give updates about the operation and talk about the return of the tour, which started on July 8th. Carl had said:

“I just want you to know I’m back home now, feeling really good. It was about a two-hour procedure, and I’m just going to recuperate for the next two or three days. But all looks real good. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you — that’s the most important thing — in July; that’s my aim.”

You can watch Carl Palmer’s interview with AXS TV below.

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