Carol Kane’s Reaction To Bette Davis’ Brassy Diva Reputation

Bihter Sevinc

Bette Davis was known for being a perfectionist and often argued with people in the movie industry, like studio bosses, directors, and co-stars. Her straightforward manner and direct way of speaking contributed to her public persona as a distant figure.

Carol Kane, who was a friend of Davis, addressed this image of the late Hollywood star in a 2020 conversation with The Huffington Post. After discussing her memories of Bette, Kane was asked about Davis’ ‘brassy diva’ reputation. To which she replied:

“Well, you know, the thing is, her greatness came along with being a perfectionist. I think many people who are perfectionists, a lot of people don’t understand that that can be the source of what people might think of as distant or tough.”

Kane continued, sharing more about the late actress’ work ethic and their relationship:

“But she drove herself the hardest of anybody. I believe, from what I know of her and read that she’s written about herself, she expected the same kind of standard around her. I mean, I didn’t get to work with her, but as far as our relationship, she was nothing but supportive.”

Moving from their friendship and her admiration for Bette, it’s worth noting that Carol also played the late actress on the theatre stage in ‘The Lying Lesson,’ written by Craig Lucas. The play focuses on Davis’ later years.

Her dazzling film career is behind her, and she’s looking to buy a house in Maine. Bette goes by the name Ruth Elizabeth as she starts a new chapter in her life in this new place. Kane’s portrayal of Davis generally received positive reviews, with her ability to replicate how Davis spoke, her precise way of talking, and her somewhat nervous body movements.

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