Chad Kroeger Uses An ‘Alternative’ Way To Manage A Mishap During Nickelback Show

Elif Ozden

During a recent Nickelback show, the arena the band was playing had a power outage. While fans and the band members were waiting for the generators to power up the hall, Chad Kroeger found a way to entertain the audience: his own stand-up comedy show.

While announcing the news with the fans, Kroeger said:

“I feel like Ron Burgundy. This is Justin, powering up the entire building. We’ve got generators, so they’re trying to get us back up and running first.”

Trying to lighten up the mood, Chad continued with a joke about the possibility of men stuck in the bathroom during the outage:

“I feel bad for the dude or the five dudes that are in the bathroom pissing together in the dark. Sh*t just got really f*cking weird for them. Here’s a joke for you, right there. ‘Whose d*ck am I holding?'”

After some laughs, Chad kept the fans updated, saying the generators weren’t running yet:

“Alex, I would say we are not back up and running yet because I got green lights flashing at me here. We are not back to full f*cking power here.”

The singer then said he felt like ‘Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, informing the crew members about a massive hit their ship took, saying they were now relying on the impulse power system.

Sharing Kroeger’s stage show on Twitter, one of the fans described this moment as the ‘Nickelback comedy hour’:

“The arena just lost power at the Nickelback show, and while generators power up, we get the Nickelback comedy hour, apparently. Talented fellas.”

Although the fan didn’t mention where this arena was, the show probably took place at Scotiabank Saddledome on June 25, as it was their latest concert.

Nickelback is currently on the road, with their next show being in Vancouver, BC, at Pepsi Live At Rogers Arena on June 28 and in Auburn, WA, at White River Amphitheatre on June 30. You can get the tickets here.

Below, you can watch those moments via fan footage.

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