Chicago Fire’s David Eigenberg Says He Didn’t Want To Lose Christian Stolte

Elif Ozden

After the Season 11 finale of ‘Chicago Fire,’ where Mouch is wounded by shrapnel, David Eigenberg told TVLine that he doesn’t want to lose his co-star, Christian Stolte because they’ve been through a lot:

“I don’t know what they’re going to do, but I don’t want to lose Christian [Stolte] because it’d be a huge hole in my life. There’s a lot of love on our show. When we come back from the strike, we’ll be in our 12th season. We’ve been together a lot.”

As the series has been airing since 2012 for over 230 episodes, Eigenberg and Stolte had a chance to spend a lot of time together, through thick and thin:

“We’ve been through stuff. We’ve been through a lot on our show. I’ve watched Christian become a grandfather. Christian is one of the funniest guys on the show. He’s a real sourpuss, but, man, is he funny. We laugh a lot every day. I don’t want to lose anybody on the show. We’ve got a great group. We don’t have any jerks.”

‘Chicago Fire’s Season 11 finale saw Randall ‘Mouch’ McHolland, portrayed by Christian Stolte, seriously injured by shrapnel during a rescue call. Although he first appeared fine, the firefighter was rushed to the hospital, where he lost consciousness.

In April, the series was renewed for a twelfth season. However, Yahoo News reports that the ongoing writers’ strike may delay the start of its production.

Eigenberg and Stolte have been sharing the same screen for many years, and as seen in their Instagram posts, they are friends off-screen.

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