Christina Ricci Picks Her Dream Team For An All-Star Slumber Party

Elif Ozden

In the recent edition of Collider Ladies Night, Christina Ricci answered three questions during the ‘Dicey Questions’ episode.

The first one asked Christina three famous people she would invite to a slumber party. As a response, the actress revealed her all-star guest list:

“I worked for Christopher Walken, and he was lots of fun. So, I think he’d be kind of fun at a slumber party. I’m friends with Aubrey Plaza, I love her so much, and I just know she’d be really good fun at a slumber party with me and Chris Walken. And then, I don’t know — I’ve always wanted to meet Dolly Parton; it’s not a great answer, but there you go.”

The dice then choose the second question: a particular scene in ‘Yellowjackets’ where she would want to role-swap with an actor. As it appears, it was a scene that Christina dreamed of playing for a long time:

“I’ve always wanted to play a cop, so maybe I would switch roles with Kevyn Tan.”

The third one was an item in Christina’s suitcase that she wouldn’t want to share with anybody if her plane crashed into the wilderness, and she and a group of people managed to survive. The actress admitted that she would share everything with others as she was the youngest child in the family.

As Christina said, her suitcase would contain ibuprofen, astringents, a steroid healing cream, hair ties, and hair pins, but there wouldn’t be that much of clothes:

“I wouldn’t have a lot of clothes. I’d never travel with more than three days of clothes at a time because I hate checking bags.”

Ricci appeared as Marilyn Thornhill in the Netflix series ‘Wednesday,’ which tells the story of the school years of Wednesday Addams, who she played previously in the 1990s. She is also starring in the thriller drama ‘Yellowjackets’ as Misty Quigley, and the finale of its second season aired on May 28.

In December 2022, ‘Yellowjackets’ got a season three renewal.

You can watch the rest of the interview below.

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