Coco Chanel’s Legacy In 2023: Chanel’s Increasing Prices And Decreasing Quality

Selin Hayat Hacialioglu

Since its inception in 1909 by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, the Chanel brand has stood for timeless elegance and high quality. Coco Chanel’s vision was to redefine women’s fashion, emphasizing simplicity and class, a vision that Karl Lagerfeld later carried forward during his tenure as the brand’s Creative Director.

However, in recent years, notably from the late 2010s into the 2020s, murmurs within the fashion community began to suggest a potential decline in the brand’s celebrated product quality, even as prices steadily rose.

Chanel’s Expansion And Its Possible Effects


Chanel’s ascent in the luxury domain was meteoric. Yet, post-2010, amidst its rapid globalization, certain product lines began to waver. By the 2010s, whispers arose concerning Chanel’s leather goods, hinting at compromised quality. By 2023, more concrete concerns, such as uneven stitching and alignment problems in their signature handbags, emerged. There’s speculation that the brand’s widespread growth may have impacted its traditionally high attention to detail.

Chanel And Its Quality Debate


Critics postulate that Chanel’s monumental growth could have led to potential compromises in its once-peerless craftsmanship. There’s an argument that its expansion led to outsourcing, which may have diluted its traditionally rigorous quality controls. On the other hand, many consider these critiques as isolated incidents, suggesting that with the ubiquity of social media in recent years, even minor issues can get magnified, giving a skewed perspective.

The Broader Luxury Market Context


Chanel isn’t navigating these waters alone. In 2022, unprecedented challenges led luxury brands, including Hermès and Louis Vuitton, to adapt their operations in response to global events. For Chanel, this meant store closures across the U.S., a measure taken in the interest of public health. Simultaneously, the growing allure of the pre-loved market indicates shifting consumer sentiments and evolving definitions of true luxury.

What The Future Holds For Chanel


Chanel’s evolution hasn’t been without its trials. The passing of Karl Lagerfeld, a monumental figure in Chanel’s history, marked a significant change for the brand. However, Chanel’s choice of Virginie Viard as his successor was a clear nod to continuity and reverence for its foundational principles.

Viard, having been Lagerfeld’s closest collaborator for over three decades, carries forward the brand’s ethos with an intimate understanding of its legacy. As she charts the course for Chanel’s future, stakeholders and aficionados alike watch with bated breath, hoping that the balance between innovation and heritage remains intact.

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