Conan O’Brien’s Workout Routine With Kevin Hart And Gal Gadot

Zehra Kabak

As he was Rdio’s Guest DJ in 2012, Conan O’Brien shared his ideal workout mixtape with the audience by including Vampire Weekend’s ‘A-Punk,’ Cheap Trick’s ‘Dream Police,’ Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems,’ and The Police’s ‘So Lonely’ in the list. In 2016, the host came up with more content on the topic, as he collaborated with Kevin Hart for a workout session on his TV show, ‘Conan.’

This episode aired shortly before Hart’s ‘What Now?’ release. So, during the chat, the actor detailed his film’s content, which depicted his stand-up performance in a football stadium. Following that, the two commented on each other’s fitness outfits and went on with some exercises.

Their workout started with pull-ups, which Hart handled without a problem, while O’Brien struggled and asked for his partner’s help by threatening him with not promoting his film. After this, the duo went on to throw medicine balls.

They ended that session by tossing exercise balls back and forth with a trainer, but the host came up with another workout routine with Gal Gadot the following year.

While O’Brien and Gadot talked about ‘Wonder Woman,’ which was to come out in June 2017, the actress revealed that she had to spend her time before the film’s shooting training in the gym and working on martial arts.

With that, O’Brien asked whether he could get the same results in 35 minutes, as Gadot said he had ‘very weak legs’ and introduced her trainer, Ruda, who guided the duo as they went on to perform some kicks, sword-fighting, and even bull-riding before it all ended with the host putting on a superhero costume.

You can watch both of the workout sessions in the videos below.

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