Corey Taylor’s Wife Alicia Shares The Man Who Tried To Make Her ‘Obedient’

Deniz Kivilcim

Alicia Taylor, the wife of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, recently shared a series of tweets addressing the man who attempted to make her ‘obedient’. The Cherry Bombs performer, recalling the man while watching the series ‘The Duggar Family Secrets’, told in her first tweet:

“Watching the Duggar family secret doc and had a memory unlock: Long time ago I briefly dated a very controlling guy. It didn’t work because I was too rebellious for his liking and I refused to ‘check in’ constantly, which would lead to lots of heated arguments…”

In a follow-up tweet, Alicia stated that the man had attempted to assert dominance over her, citing a photo he had sent her. Then in another tweet, she added:

“There was more, like he didn’t want me getting more tattoos, didn’t like it when I used ‘colorful’ language, and so on… all red flags. This was very short lived, as I don’t do ‘obedient’ very well, and found myself doing things out of spite toward the end.”

She then revealed the man had tried to make her his ‘domestic servant’. The tweet read:

“He was looking for a wife, and he tried to make me into whatever meek domestic servant he wanted. I remember he asked if I would be offended if he bought me ‘massage lessons’ for Christmas, so I could give him good ones. There was a lot that happened in our short time together…”

Alicia, stating her luck, topped the series of tweets with the following:

“But luckily I dodged a bullet. Wow sorry guys – a lot came spilling out of my brain when I saw that image – it was over 10 years ago, and I think I completely buried it until now.”

Several individuals shared similar experiences with her, and one tweet expressed relief at her escape from the mentioned relationship. Alicia responded to the tweet in question. Her reply read:

“I didn’t endure near what a lot of women go through – it could have been bad, but I’m lucky I could see the signs and walked. Others have a more difficult journey and I hope those who are/were kept under this stuff are in a better place.”

Alicia has been married to the Slipknot frontman for four years. According to the performer, she considers her husband to be her best friend and enjoys every single day of their marriage.

See the tweets below.

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