Creed Officially Reunites And Begins Rehearsals

Feyyaz Ustaer

Creed recently announced that they were back through a video on X, featuring Scott Stapp, guitarist Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott Philipps, and bassist Brian Marshall.

The video showed the frontman, Stapp, entering a home studio and meeting Tremonti, Phillips, and Marshall; marking that the act has officially made a comeback from their 2012 hiatus. The post’s caption read:

“Are you ready? [Hashtag] Need for Creed.”

Although the band has been quiet about a reunion over the years, Tremonti had recently discussed the possibility of reuniting back in March, saying:

“It’s just a matter of timing for everybody… Everybody’s juggling so many projects, we would just have to find a window where it made sense. There’s always people talking. We always get calls from people that are interested in putting a show together.”

The guitarist then continued, adding why it would be challenging to bring Creed back :

“It’s tough to get a band that hasn’t toured in 10 years to just do a show. We would have to put it all together. We would have to put weeks into preparing the production and weeks into doing the rehearsals.”

Creed will reportedly be headlining the Summer of ’99 Cruise in 2024, and as Tremonti stated, the band will, probably, also celebrate their reunion with a long-run tour.


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