Dave Mustaine Believes Failing Artists Deserve To Get Hit By Objects

Zehra Kabak

Following a recent Megadeth concert in Stockholm, Dave Mustaine had a chat with Sweden’s SVT and talked about fans throwing things at the stage to get noticed by the artists. He shared:

“If people don’t like you, they’re gonna throw s**t. Maybe it’s graduated from rotten tomatoes to dildos; I don’t know. But if you’re giving them a great show, they’re not gonna do that — they’re not gonna do that. So don’t get up there acting like a spoiled f**king brat and telling them not to throw stuff.”

Then, the singer added:

“I don’t have to worry about it. Plus, my eyesight is that bad, I probably won’t see anything flying through the air until it’s too late.”

Even though Mustaine implied he wasn’t too bothered by this kind of action, many musicians had a problem with it in the past. Lemmy Kilmister, for example, got a hand injury in 1989 because someone threw a razor blade on stage during a gig in Yugoslavia.

The late Motörhead frontman later spoke of the incident on The Bailey Brothers TV show and said:

“I nearly lost my hand, you understand me? If I lose my hand, my life is over. You realize that? I’d have to shoot myself because I can’t stand it. I’m not going to put up with people throwing things out of the audience anymore… This is never going to happen to me again.”

A few years later, the band ended a concert in Brisbane, Australia, early when the audience started to throw cans at the stage.

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