Dave Mustaine Shares The Prank That Got Him Into Trouble With NASA

Serra Ozturk

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine recalled the prank he played in an interview with AXS TV’s Power Hour that almost got him in trouble with NASA. The rocker retold the story of how he got to tour NASA; he explained:

“Many years ago, when I was on the radio in Houston, I had said, ‘I thought it was a joke that they were spending 15 million dollars to send a Japanese professor up into space to blow bubbles.’ Oh my god, well, I don’t care, it’s like the First Amendment right, so I had said that, and then the wife of an astronaut heard me, and they called up and said, ‘Hey, we want to give you a tour of NASA to show you that we’re not wasting time.'”

On the day when the rocker was touring the labs, he pulled a prank on the people that were showing him around, which almost got him in trouble. Dave added:

“So I went there right, and I’m cruising around by myself, and we go to Skylab, where the modules are, and I said, ‘So what’s the difference between these three?’ They said, ‘Oh, they’re all three different manufacturers,’ and I said, ‘Do they fit together?’ and they said, ‘No,’ and I grabbed my jacket, and I go, ‘Are you getting this?’ and they groped on me; they swooped on me and said, ‘You’re not recording this are you?’ I said, ‘Of course not; I was kidding around.'”

Dave’s comments about space did get him to explore NASA; however, his interest in Elon Musk influenced a track called ‘Mission To Mars’ on Megadeth’s ‘The Sick, The Dying… and the Dead!’ album. The rocker shared during the interview what the inspiration behind the song was by adding:

“Elon Musk shot a Tesla up into space, and I said, ‘The only thing missing was one of my Gibson Flying V’s in the front seat; you know I would have loved to have done that to put a nice bright red Dave Mustaine guitar in space.'”

You can watch Dave Mustaine’s interview with AXS TV’s Power Hour and listen to ‘Mission To Mars’ below.

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